The Virginia Appalachian Tricollege Nursing Program (VATNP) is jointly operated by Virginia Highlands Community College (VHCC), Southwest Virginia Community College (SWCC), and Mountain Empire Community College (MECC). The general, unspecialized courses and all nursing courses are offered on each campus.


A Coordinating Council, composed of the President of each College, the Vice President of Instruction and Student Services at VHCC, the Vice President of Academic and Student Services at SWCC, the Vice President of Academic and Student Services at MECC, and the Dean of Nursing and Allied Health coordinate and direct the overall operation of the nursing program. Such matters as the program budget, changes in the curriculum, development of schedules, selection and evaluation of nursing faculty, criteria for selection of nursing students, and evaluation of the effectiveness of the nursing program are considered by the Coordinating Council for final disposition. All nursing faculty members are employed by the Virginia Highlands Community College and assigned to one of the three colleges as appropriate; faculty members will travel to each of the three campuses throughout the academic year and may be reassigned based on student enrollment and individual needs of the campuses.


The Dean of Nursing & Allied Health is the chief administrative officer for the Nursing & Allied Health Division under the direct supervision of the Vice President of Instruction and Student Services. The Dean further serves as chief administrative officer of the Virginia Appalachian Tricollege Nursing Program (VATNP) and is responsible to the VATNP Coordinating Council in matters of overall policies related to VATNP. The responsibilities of the Dean of Nursing & Allied Health include the following:

  1. Providing professional leadership and supervision to the teaching and student services personnel within the division including VATNP personnel.
  2. Overseeing the preparation of the Course of Study of each nursing course and assuring that the required documentation is provided.
  3.  Preparing budget estimates for personnel, supplies, and equipment for the division and VATNP, in accordance with the standardized budget preparation procedures. The Dean is responsible for the proper expenditure of funds budgeted to the division.
  4. Assuming responsibility for all divisional equipment and supplies, including VATNP equipment and supplies located at VHCC, and for cooperating with the Vice President of Financial and Administrative Services to maintain an inventory of all assigned equipment.
  5.  Orienting new instructors to the philosophy of the College, the division and its organization, with the courses they are to teach, and with the structure and organization of VATNP as appropriate.
  6.  Providing leadership for implementing institutional effectiveness processes within the division including, but not limited to the following: strategic planning, program review, student outcomes assessment, core competency testing, and VATNP graduate follow-up, using a variety of measures and institutional data to improve programs and processes as determined necessary and appropriate.
  7.  Recommending to the Vice President of Instruction and Student Services new division and VATNP personnel, including the responsibility for initiation of recruitment activities.
  8.  Developing a detailed schedule of nursing and allied health classes for recommendation to the Vice President of Instruction and Student Services and the VATNP Coordinating Council as appropriate.
  9.  Preparing an annual written evaluation of each member of the VATNP faculty and staff according to the VHCC evaluation plan and making recommendations regarding promotions and multi-year appointments.
  10.  Preparing an annual report of the divisional activities and VATNP program activities, and making recommendations for changes in policies and regulations.
  11.  Assuming responsibility for seeing that an effective program of student advising and student scheduling is maintained.
  12.  Directing selection and admission of students to the VATNP.
  13.  Developing and maintaining cooperative agreements with health care agencies.
  14.  Representing the College and VATNP at state and national meetings.
  15.  Directing the preparation of reports for the Virginia Board of Nursing and specialized accreditation agencies as appropriate.
  16.  Meeting with divisional Citizens Advisory Committees annually.
  17.  Evaluating allied health programs offered at the College or through VATNP and recommending any changes in program offerings to the Vice President of Instruction and Student Services, the administrative advisory committees of the allied health programs, or the VATNP Coordinating Council as appropriate.
  18.  Presiding at VATNP curriculum advisory committee meetings and preparing the agenda for each meeting of the VATNP Coordinating Council.
  19.  Assisting the faculty, counselors, and Learning Lab Coordinator in devising and administering the College's placement testing program and the VATNP pre-admission testing process.
  20.  Directing publicity for VATNP and allied health programs including college catalog and web-based information.
  21. Performing such other functions as may be designated by the Vice President of Instruction and Student Services or the VATNP Coordinating Council.


One nursing faculty member from each of the three consortium colleges, MECC, SWCC, and VHCC will be designated to assume some coordinating functions for that campus under the direction of the program dean. In addition to the duties expected of all nursing faculty members, these designated faculty members are responsible for:

Assistant Directors’ responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following activities:

  1. 1. Identify adjuncts, assist with completion of required paperwork and contract information including clinical dates, location and scheduled work hours.
  2.  Provide adjunct orientation, mentor adjuncts, and perform on-site adjunct evaluations. On-site evaluation should be completed the first 2 semesters of employment and at least one time per year after the first year.
  3.  Assist with new faculty orientation and mentoring.
  4.  Assist with identifying new clinical facilities and completing required clinical affiliation agreements.
  5.  Prepares supply list to program administrative assistant by the designated date and process orders for supplies through campus business office after approval by VATNP office.
  6. Submit campus schedules for classes and classrooms after conferring with the program dean.
  7.  Assist with new student orientation/orientation committee.
  8.  Assist with ordering and distribution of progressive testing and remediation materials as needed.
  9.  Liaison with Dean and administrators at each campus.
  10.  Coordinate College Catalog updates, review in January, initiated from the dean.
  11.  Review VATNP Student Handbook and Policies annually, revisions completed by no later than March 1.
  12.  Assist with issues related to admissions and refer to Dean when appropriate.
  13.  Liaison between VATNP students and Dean, scheduling appointments for on-campus visits as needed.
  14.  Oversee membership of Community Advisory Committee by identifying and recruiting community members appropriate for the committee.


One nursing faculty member is designated as lead teacher for each nursing course. In addition to the responsibilities of all nursing faculty members, the lead teachers, under the general supervision of the Dean of Nursing & Allied Health, are responsible for:

  1. Leading the faculty team in planning, implementing, evaluating and revising the course(s) for which responsible.
  2.  Maintaining a complete and accurate course file for the assigned course(s) each semester.
  3.  Maintaining accurate minutes reflecting the work accomplished in team meetings.
  4. Communicating with all clinical agencies to be utilized in the course(s) for which responsible relative to students' clinical activities and follow-up evaluation
  5. VATNP is jointly operated by VHCC, SWCC, and MECC. The general, unspecialized courses and all nursing courses are offered on each campus.
  6. Faculty are employed by VHCC and assigned to individual campuses