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Welcome to the VHCC Online Preview!

College life presents new opportunities, but also comes with new vocabulary, expectations and policies that can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming. To assist you, we developed this Online Preview to prepare you to begin the collegiate experience at VHCC. There will be a lot of material covered here, and we don't expect you to memorize it. You are welcome to revisit this site as many times as you need to review the information.

The Online Preview will explain what you need to do to begin at VHCC and introduce you to the services that will help you have a successful experience in college.

There will be quizzes to complete at the end of each section. Don’t panic! We just want to ensure that you understand the information. The first time you complete the Online Preview, you will have to move forward through the material. Once you have completed the Preview, you are welcome to review any section.

If you need to stop working before you have completed all six sections, click the "Bookmark This Page" button at the bottom of each page to bookmark the page in your computer's Internet browser.

From the entire college community we welcome you to VHCC where we are Dedicated to Students, Committed to Excellence!

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