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Section 5

Section 1 - Introduction

Section 2 - Organization & Responsibility

Section 3 - Personnel

Section 4 - Administrative Rules and Regulations

Section 5 - Educational Programs

Section 6 - Student Development Services

Section 7 - Miscellaneous Information

5.10 Documentation of Course Content

5.10 Contents

5.10.0 Syllabus

Faculty members at VHCC are responsible for developing a syllabus for each section of each course, which includes the following information. Adjunct faculty members are required to use the VHCC Syllabus Template provided by the division dean.

Contact Information:
  •  Instructor’s name
  • Contact Information for instructor
    • Office location and hours
    • Email and phone
    •  How best to contact instructor
Course Information:
  • Course name
  • Course number
  • Course Description including catalog and departmental description
  • Course Level Objectives
    These should be consistent with teaching goals, tied to planned assessments, and be written from the student’s perspective (describing what the student be able to do upon completion of the course, rather than what the course will do for the student).
  • Required Course Materials (include required textbooks, supplies, equipment). Optional: Include ISBN information
  • Teaching Methods
  • Grading Criteria
  • Course Policies: Student Expectations
    • Disability Statement
    • Attendance Policy
    • Emergency Statement
    • Academic Conduct Policy: Will include the following Statement: “All conditions contained in VHCC College Catalog/Student Handbook pertain to this course.”
  • Course Schedule
    • Course assignments with tentative schedule
    • Deadlines

5.10.1 Course Folder

A course folder is prepared for each course taught by each instructor each semester. These folders, which contain the following information, are maintained in the office of the respective division dean for five years. The course folder contains the following:

  1. The syllabus;
  2. For courses requiring a comprehensive final exam, a copy of the final exam;
  3. For courses requiring a non-comprehensive final exam, a copy of each major test, as well as the final exam;
  4. Additional documentation as requested by the division dean.

Syllabi should be submitted to the division dean or designee by the last day of the first week of class. Course folders must be complete by the conclusion of the academic term. Contents of course folders are reviewed by the appropriate dean or designee to ensure the quality and integrity of the course.